Yesterday was the first of many family fishing outings I’ll have with my clan.  Fishing with a bunch of girls does present problems, there’s almost guaranteed to be at least one outburst of crying, and I don’t know why I haven’ t learned to BRING MORE FOOD.  At least every five minutes, someone will announce they are starvingFrom now on, thee will be an obligatory stop at a grocery store on the way–plenty of chips, candy, donuts, maybe even something healthy.  Once you get past all the mini dramas [a bug landed on me, the fin poked me, I have to pee], the fishing is usually pretty fun.  We target panfish, and on the lake we went to today they were scattered on weed flats, which is way easier than fishing docks, pads, or bulrushes.  I’d say they caught around 50.  We did one pass along some docks, Sarah got a 2 1/2 lb. largie on her first cast with a wacky worm.  Thunder started rumbling in the early afternoon, signaling it was time to leave.  Good thing I had the family out with me–I would have stayed out if I was alone–and it was raining HARD by the time we were 5 minutes down the road.

Once we were home, it was up to me to turn our catch into dinner.  I actually like cleaning fish, and it only took about 15 minutes to fillet the sunfish and one rogue pike.  A classic fish fry followed, and I’m glad to say that both my girls are full-on piscivores–at least when it comes to sunfish.   We actually could have used a few more sunnies.

All in all, it as a great day