Month: October 2013

One Eyed Willie

  “Nice fish!” Gunnar yelled from the back of the boat.  I  looked back to see a nice sized muskie closely tracking his spinnerbait.  “Why is he swimming sideways?” Gunnar asked as he went into a classic Gunnar figure -8 [too much line out, moving the lure too slowly (I never think anyone does it right though {I should talk, I can’t remember the last time I got one to eat on a figure – 8!})].  It was true, the muskie was tracking the lure off to the side instead of right behind it.  “I bet that fish only...

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How many casts does it take?

How many casts does it take to make a good day of muskie fishing? One. We were out to accomplish one of fishing’s most difficult feats—a muskie on the fly.  My two customers, Kris and Jordan, were up to the task, and we were fishing water that I know pretty well- the muskie are not as plentiful here as on some other popular rivers, but the average size is impressive. Let’s go down the checklist– Water clarity-good.  Water temperature—good.  Weather—good.  Angler skill level—good.  Guide skill level—reasonable. I had a solid game plan—we would run up river, hitting favorite spots...

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